Placing google ads on header

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    Hi Ron,
    Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful theme I’m using it and it works for me like a charm, could u please tell me what is the right way to place an ad in the header, I did that (please take a look on my website) and worked the ad is responsive except my logo is not clickable anymore 🙁


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    Put your ad codes on a Text Widget then place it on the Header Widget Area.

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    Wow!! that was so simple^^ I did it first by placing my ad in the header.php file and it was not what I was expecting but now everything is lovely^^

    Thank you so much!!

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    Hi Ronnel,
    I just saw this after I posted another top. So simple, thank you. I did it, but not it covers my branding, how would I put it under the menu bar but above the content? Thank you in advance.

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    Then instead of the Header widget area, you’ll want to use the Below Menu widget area.

    Enable the widget area on Frontier Options -> Widgets -> Below Menu

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    When I put 728×90 adsense code on header, it works fine but there is nothing if I put responsive adsense code even I tried the same code with my after post widget.

    If I put both 728×90 and responsive. They showed up both but when I delete the 728 one, responsive disappeared again. I dont know why. Any clues?

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    Melvin Rajiv

    I have been using frontier, it wonderful.. I have place ads in header below widget .. it’s been working fine.. but i need to change the backround color.. Which is showing as black.. Please helpme

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    #widgets-wrap-below-menu {
        background-color: #f5f5f5;
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