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    I have a static front page and a blog view page. On the blog view page the thumbnails seems to come from the featured image (which I haven’t used in the past). Is there a way to have it use the posts first image instead?

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    Okay, thanks. I’ll try it once I shift over to your theme. I’ve been testing and making it look “just right” on my test site, then going live.

    My old theme used first images rather than featured images–and when I added one[to the festured image] to test it, it automatically added it to the post in a fixed position. So, I had double images. :/

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    I found a possible, better, solution ( It’s a script that goes into the editor. Will try that once I go live. No real posts in my test site. But it may be less heavy than a plugin. Leaving this as an option for other users.

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    I would not recommend the code I found. It did maybe half and some of those it pulled images from different posts. The plugin might be better. I ended up doing it all manually.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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