Show Hidden Files & Folders

With just one click, this small, portable program will serve as a shortcut to show and hide files and folders that has a hidden attribute. This can be helpful to those who constantly work with hidden files and folders/directories. No installation needed. This is a great tool to have on flash drives.

Toggle Hidden Files & Folders

One usually has to open control panel or windows explorer then click folder options then select the proper settings to either show or hide hidden files. This tool shortens that process to a single click. An even more efficient way is to create a shortcut pointing to the program then adding a keyboard shortcut.

hidden files shortcut properties

show hidden files and folder

Name: Toggle Hidden
Size: 28 KB Uncompressed / 10.24 KB Compressed
Requirements: .Net Framework 3.0, Admin Privilege
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  1. View hidden files

    Its an useful one.thanks for telling about it.

    1. Welcome 😉

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