First Adsense Achievement

Just saw this notice on my Adsense dashboard. What does this mean you say? Well this means that since I started using Adsense, visitors on my blogs have been successfully served or shown Adsense ads 1,000,000 times. Yay! I actually can’t remember if this is my first achievement. It says here that there should have […]

Buying My First Bicycle

When I was a young kid I learned how to ride a bike by repeatedly crashing into a mound of sand. I quickly pedaled straight into the sand before I fell sideways. The sand which was used for construction would both slow the bike down and soften my fall. That was years ago and it […]

Fix Unclickable WordPress Submenu on Mobile

When you view your WordPress sites on desktops, sub-menus are usually easily revealed by simply hovering your mouse pointer on the parent menu item. However, when viewed on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, tapping on the parent menu item doesn’t reveal the sub-menus but instead redirects you to the parent menu item’s […]

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