Frontier Theme

Frontier is a clean, multi-purpose theme built on HTML5 and CSS3 standards. It incorporates responsive properties to accommodate mobile devices. Frontier lets you choose from 1, 2 or 3 column layouts in many configurations. Make use of the many widget areas and theme hooks to easily modify the theme to suit your needs. Make the theme your own by incorporating a custom favicon, logo, header image and more. Frontier accomplishes all of these while maintaining minimal file size that makes for a fast and efficient WordPress.

Theme Features:

  • One, two, three column layout.
  • Responsive layout for handhelds.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 compliant.
  • Numerous widgetized areas.
  • Numerous theme hooks.
  • Simple jQuery Slider.
  • Custom CSS Option.
  • Custom Favicon.
  • Custom Header Logo.
  • Custom Header Image.
  • Custom Background Image.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Translation ready.
  • Small file size < 350Kb.


Have questions? Take time to read this page: Frontier Documentation


The many faces of the Frontier Theme. Click the images to expand.
Frontier Theme Front Page
Frontier Theme for WordPress. A free, multi-purpose theme. The default layout with one sidebar.
WordPress Theme Ads
Banner and Ad Areas. Note: Widgets outside the container need to be positioned manually with CSS.
WordPress Theme 3 Sidebars
Frontier Theme Three Columns
WordPress Full Width Theme
Frontier Theme One Column
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  1. Hi,

    I wonder about an easiest way to change the text of “Read Post” button that shows in excerpts.

    Thanks for a good theme.


    1. You have three options:

      • If you’re using your own language files (.po) then you could simply change that text on your language file. You either manually edit the file or use a plugin.
      • You could use this function to translate any translatable text on a theme.
      • You could also use this filter specific to that button. You need to add this on your child theme’s functions.php
      function custom_continue_reading_text() {
          return 'New Button Text';
      add_filter( 'frontier_continue_reading_text', 'custom_continue_reading_text' );
      1. Thanks very much. I went with the third child theme option.

  2. Hi Ron!

    Thank you for answering a question regarding the theme not too long ago for me. We recently had some server hiccups and turned various things off on and on wordpress and frontier in order to stabilize the site. After we turned on mobile and responsiveness we can see that the site aligns to the left with a big white space on the right hand side. I see it in chrome and safari on my iphone. And I’ve cleared cache, cookies, etc.

    Any ideas?

    1. Sorry but I don’t have much clue and I also don’t have an iphone to test on. Has it always been like that or is this a sudden change? You could try to check if this is caused by non-responsive ads, other than that I don’t really have an idea.

  3. Ron, I love the theme. I have two questions. Can remove, or display different menu tabs when in a responsive mode? I’d also like to remove the site description in responsive mode. I want to eliminate some of the scrolling to get to the content on smart phones.

    1. Can remove, or display different menu tabs when in a responsive mode?

      You mean when viewing on a handheld device?
      There’s probably a way to do that but I personally don’t know.

      I’d also like to remove the site description

      By description, you mean the second text on the Top Bar next to the title?
      You could add this on Frontier Options -> Custom CSS

      @media screen and (max-width:480px){
         #top-bar #site-description {display: none;}

      This could would hide the description when viewed on a screen with a width of 480px and below. You can change 480px to your target device’s width.

  4. Hi all,
    How do I resize the header logo area? On some mobile devices, the area for the header logo is much larger than expected; there’s a lot more white space under the logo even though the logo itself is sized proportionally.

    I tried setting the height from the Frontier Options page but the adjustment does not seem to apply to mobile devices.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


    1. Add this on Frontier Options -> Custom CSS

      #header {min-height: 0;}

      The height of the header area will then be dependent on the height of the logo.

  5. Hello Ron,

    I would like to ask if it possible to change the color of widget wrap below the menu. sample change in to white and no padding.

    1. #widgets-wrap-below-menu {padding: 0;}
      .widget-below-menu {
         margin: 0;
         border: none;
         box-shadow: none;
      .widget-below-menu .widget-title {background-color: #FFF;}

  6. I’m redesigning my resume site in WP using Frontier and want to use a google font. I tried setting it up using import url (; and then setting the
    font-family: ‘Kameron’, Arial, sans-serif in the body section, but it didn’t work. Where did I go wrong?


    1. The font declared on the body is only the fallback, if you want to change fonts for specific areas then you have to use specific selectors. I’m assuming you want to change the font on the content or article, if so, you can use this:

      .blog-view .entry-content,
      .single-view .entry-content {
          font-family: 'Kameron', Arial, Sans-serif;
      1. Thanks Ron, that worked!

  7. comments not working. comment form not showing.

    1. You should provide more info or even a link to the site in question. It can’t be solely a theme issue. How were you able to comment here? I’m obviously using Frontier Theme too. Disable your plugins to see if any causes the issue.

      1. commenting not is the url

        1. Have you check the Single View tab on Frontier Options page. The Enable Comments are actually checked by default, you may have unknowingly turned them off.

          You can also check if you’ve actually turned comments off for individual posts. Turning_on_Comments_for_a_Single_Post_or_Page

          You’re using a caching plugin. Make sure to clear the cache after you’ve done any changes.

        2. I see your site’s comments are visible now. It’s probable that you’ve either unknowingly turned them off or a plugin you use has set each post comment to off.

  8. Thanks Ronnel Angelo for providing such amazing themes.

    1. You’re welcome.

  9. Hello, I found the Frontier theme about 2 weeks ago and I’ve had very good luck with everything falling into place. Thank you for making it available. However with the last update one of my widgets has broken. It worked fine with v1.1.5, last night updated to 1.1.8. I have a “Google Calendar Events” plugin calendar on the right sidebar. It used to fit nicely within the widget. Now right after upgrading it started to over extend the right body border quite a bit … could the theme have anything changed you know of to cause that? I have since removed the widget but can send a screenshot. Thank you for any assistance.

    1. could the theme have anything changed you know of to cause that?

      I’ve added padding on th & td. It’s odd that tables look fine on chrome but overflows on firefox.

      Anyway, try to add this on Frontier Options -> Custom CSS

      table {table-layout: fixed;}
      1. I tried this and it did improve in size but the calendar was still off center and a few pixels too large. I tried playing with the CSS of the calendar, but just couldn’t get it back the way it was. So I reverted to 1.1.5 and all is well again … sort of 🙂

  10. can u show me how forum can be added any tutorial or info

    1. I just installed bbPress plugin here on my site.

      1. ok. that it or some special setting in it?

        1. That’s it. It should work out of the box. Though, the way I display this forum is through a shortcode added on a page.

  11. How to disable the parent menu just like u did? Thank you.

    1. When you add a menu item using the links option, just add a “#” instead of a url.
      Creating an un-clickable menu item

  12. Thank you very much for putting at our disposal this fantastic theme.
    I am having problems with the widgets, do not get disable some of them from the control panel, any suggestions?

    1. Add your own widgets on that particular sidebar to disable the default ones that are being shown.

      1. I added several already, but do not appear nor disappear I’ve removed

        1. Where have you added it? It should be the sidebar named Sidebar – Right on the widgets page. When you go back to the Widgets page, are the widgets that you’ve added still there? Also check your plugins, especially if you have a caching plugin.

          1. Sorry!!! I was working on the wrong widget area…
            It’s ok now.

  13. Hello Ron

    Thank you for at great WordPress theme, which I truly enjoy. I know very little about creating websites, so bare with me if I use the wrong terms in the following:

    I have a problem which I fail to solve: The slider on the home page/front page only works with some images, not all. Currently, I got four posts with “featured image” chosen, but only three of them show in the slider. I have experimented with other featured images, and it seems that perhaps the size and/or the resolution and/or the format of the images play a role regarding whether they show in the slider or not.

    Can you please help me out here? It is likely that I am doing something wrong, or that there are some rules I have overlooked, e.g. a certain size/resolution/format that pictures have to have to function in the slider. Or perhaps there is some easy way to make all pictures work?

    Regards and big thanks for the best WP theme I have yet layed eyes on
    Tobias Petersen

    1. There’s really no required image size. A slide along with the images should show if the post belongs to your selected slider category and you have set a featured image for the post. I can’t really think of a reason why an image won’t work if those two conditions are already met.

      If you copy the url of the actual missing image then open it on a new browser tab does it show? Could you post a link to the site that show the issue?

      1. Hi Ron

        Thank you for your reply. I tried to copy the url of the non-functioning images, and it turns out there is a “500 – internal server error” when I do so. I will have someone wiser than myself look into this before taking more of your time. Again thank you for the wonderful theme!


  14. Mr Ronnel Angelo
    How i can delete the white square in my site? On right above .. Thanks

    1. You probably added that body widget before but then forgot about it. Go to Widgets page then remove that text widget on the Body area.

      Note: I’m also seeing an error on one of your widgets on the right sidebar. Looks like you’ve forgotten to close the <img> tag properly.

  15. @ Ron since a few days its not possible anymore to activate the comments
    i tried all the steps that i could find but nothing works

    I have used also google to see or more people has this problem to find an answer but nothing till now, can you help?

    1. its not possible anymore to activate the comments

      Why would you need to activate the comments? Comments by default are visible aren’t they? How are you activating the comments?

      I have used also google to see or more people has this problem to find an answer but nothing till now

      Is this problem specific to this theme?

      Could you post a link to your site?

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