Frontier Theme

Frontier is a clean, multi-purpose theme built on HTML5 and CSS3 standards. It incorporates responsive properties to accommodate mobile devices. Frontier lets you choose from 1, 2 or 3 column layouts in many configurations. Make use of the many widget areas and theme hooks to easily modify the theme to suit your needs. Make the theme your own by incorporating a custom favicon, logo, header image and more. Frontier accomplishes all of these while maintaining minimal file size that makes for a fast and efficient WordPress.

Theme Features:

  • One, two, three column layout.
  • Responsive layout for handhelds.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 compliant.
  • Numerous widgetized areas.
  • Numerous theme hooks.
  • Simple jQuery Slider.
  • Custom CSS Option.
  • Custom Favicon.
  • Custom Header Logo.
  • Custom Header Image.
  • Custom Background Image.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Translation ready.
  • Small file size < 350Kb.


Have questions? Take time to read this page: Frontier Documentation


The many faces of the Frontier Theme. Click the images to expand.
Frontier Theme Front Page
Frontier Theme for WordPress. A free, multi-purpose theme. The default layout with one sidebar.
WordPress Theme Ads
Banner and Ad Areas. Note: Widgets outside the container need to be positioned manually with CSS.
WordPress Theme 3 Sidebars
Frontier Theme Three Columns
WordPress Full Width Theme
Frontier Theme One Column
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  1. Hey Ron,
    Can you share why I can’t see the comments on some of my posts? This is the case on a number of them.
    Thank you!

    1. I’m seeing 16 comments on that page similar to what is indicated on the counter. Although most of them are pingback/trackback spam. If you’re sure that there are actually more then see that you actually haven’t deleted them by accident or if an anti-spam plugin has flagged them as spam. Other than that I really don’t know what could be causing that.

      You also might want to enable Break Comments Into Pages on Settings -> Discussion to manage posts with hundreds of comments.

      1. Thank you for the reply. That’s another problem. They’re not pingbacks or spam. Each one is a comment and there not displaying plus showing up as a pingback/spam. Thanks.

  2. Hey Ron.

    is there any problems with the Slider cuz i think it’s get blank white space after the count of posts is finished…

    i modify the count of posts from 6 ~ 15 then 20 and it always get the white blank space in slider after the count is over… it’s not Repeat itself.

    Need Help or suggestion.

    Thanks Ron

    1. Follow directions on
      Do you have disqus installed?

      1. Yes I Have… and i will check the link and back 2 u

      2. Dear Ron…

        I really checked what u was wrote

        If you use Disqus Commenting Plugin and find that the slider is not working, simply go to Disqus’ plugin setting page and check “Output JavaScript in footer”.

        and I want to know exactly from where i can get this Option
        “Output JavaScript in footer”


        1. Sorry… I got it… and its working fine now …

          thanks ron and i will connect to ur blog with the Themes Support


  3. I need some help on my site. I tried to change the header with a .png and .jpg.
    The logo appears over the ‘Frontier’ logo. How can I remove the Frontier logo and have only my custom header.
    Please Help and THANKS.

    1. Go to Frontier Options -> Display
      On the Header Logo option, click the “Remove” button then click save.

  4. Ok, the theme is super, but, my visitant so many dummy and need see the button “Read More” in de front page, you thinking in add the feature in your next update? And the .Po and .Mo files for translation?
    I send a hug!

    1. If you select the “Excerpt” option on Frontier Options -> Blog -> Article Display Then that should make the button show.

      Sorry but I won’t be packaging the theme with language files, I don’t think I could maintain them all. However the theme is translation-ready and if you want it in another language you could use this codestyling localization then copy the translation files on a child theme.

  5. Hello, why the sidebar drop to the bottom of the left, in IE explorer?
    check my website in IE, also the index page need to fix too.

    1. I just checked your site on IE. It looks just fine. You’re probably using an old version of the browser. IE versions older than 9 do not support HTML5. Another thing is that your page’s content has many validation errors check it here

  6. Continue reading button disappear???

    1. Frontier Options -> Blog View -> “View Post” Button

      1. I have chosen a full, and then cut back to the Article, and then Continue reading button disappeared.

        1. Continue Reading button is only for excerpts! (Only on Excerpts)
          If you have chosen Excerpts then checked “View Post” button and it’s still missing then I don’t know why. It’s working properly on my site as you can see on my homepage. You didn’t edit any theme files, did you?

          1. I’s Ok, I choose to “restore defaults” button then ok, thanks!

  7. is there any problems with the Slider bcuz i think it’s get blank white space after the count of posts is finished…

    i modify the count of posts from 6 ~ 15 then 20 and it always get the white blank space in slider after the count is over… it’s not Repeat itself.

    Need Help or suggestion.
    Rather thanks for the nice one…

    1. You must be using Disqus for Comments. Read the theme documentation on how to output the script on the footer. This question has been asked a few comments above, take the time to read first.

  8. Ron, thank you for making a great theme (Frontier) and for the technical tips like this one (removing html on comments screen). It’s been very helpful!

  9. Hi thanks for such an awesome free theme. Could you tell me please how to change the “continue reading” link text as shown on the homepage posts? Usually I can do it with say 2012 theme but bit tricker with Frontiers.


    1. You can use this function on a child-theme How to change text on a WordPress Theme

      Or you could use this filter, also on a child theme functions.php
      This is for frontier version 1.1.2 or later.

      function custom_continue_reading_text() {
           return 'My New Text';
      add_filter( 'frontier_continue_reading_text', 'custom_continue_reading_text' );
  10. Hi, Ron!

    I have the following problem.
    I want to align the bottom-bar.

    Different along the length of the text does not look symmetrical.

    For example:
    Left (My Site / 2013 / All rights reserved) and Right (Frontier Theme).

    It upsets me a bit.

    Is it possible to center the bottom-bar-text and theme-page?
    For example, positioned in the center under each other?

    Thank you!

    1. Frontier Options -> CSS

      #bottom-bar #bottom-bar-text, #bottom-bar #theme-page {
          display: block;
          float: none;
          text-align: center;
      1. Everything turned out! Looks great!

        You always give a very quick response 🙂

        Ron, thank you very much!

  11. It support RTL , thanks

  12. Hello Ron,

    Thank you for the great themes, but I have a problem, in my comment section contained a visual editor, how to delete the visual editor?

    1. Frontier Theme does not add a visual editor on the comment form. Check your plugins. I’m guessing it was added by the Syntax highlighter plugin that you use.

  13. Ron,

    Great theme, thank you! Can you tell me how I can add breadcrumbs to the theme? if through a plugin, do you know which one works with your frontier theme? Again thank you!


    1. If you have the Yoast plugin you can follow instructions on this topic:

  14. Thank you for the beautiful theme! Everything works perfectly and looks the way I want thus far, although there is still a lot work to be done on my site.
    Appears to be a great theme choice, thank you!

  15. Hi Ron,

    I would like to translate the Frontier Theme into Swedish but I can not find any .pot or .po files.
    Please advice.


    1. You could use this plugin to create those files and translate the theme: Codestyling Localization

      How to add language files on a WordPress Child Theme

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