Frontier Theme

Frontier is a clean, multi-purpose theme built on HTML5 and CSS3 standards. It incorporates responsive properties to accommodate mobile devices. Frontier lets you choose from 1, 2 or 3 column layouts in many configurations. Make use of the many widget areas and theme hooks to easily modify the theme to suit your needs. Make the theme your own by incorporating a custom favicon, logo, header image and more. Frontier accomplishes all of these while maintaining minimal file size that makes for a fast and efficient WordPress.

Theme Features:

  • One, two, three column layout.
  • Responsive layout for handhelds.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 compliant.
  • Numerous widgetized areas.
  • Numerous theme hooks.
  • Simple jQuery Slider.
  • Custom CSS Option.
  • Custom Favicon.
  • Custom Header Logo.
  • Custom Header Image.
  • Custom Background Image.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Translation ready.
  • Small file size < 350Kb.


Have questions? Take time to read this page: Frontier Documentation


The many faces of the Frontier Theme. Click the images to expand.
Frontier Theme Front Page
Frontier Theme for WordPress. A free, multi-purpose theme. The default layout with one sidebar.
WordPress Theme Ads
Banner and Ad Areas. Note: Widgets outside the container need to be positioned manually with CSS.
WordPress Theme 3 Sidebars
Frontier Theme Three Columns
WordPress Full Width Theme
Frontier Theme One Column
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  1. I am trying to get Google Analytics to work. I placed the code in the header.php file. I also used the Custom Header function. Still, I can’t get Google Analytics to recognize the code. Is there any reason the code can’t been seen by Google’s robots?

    1. You could place your Google Analytics code on
      Frontier Options -> Misc -> Custom Head Codes
      If you are using a caching plugin like wp-supercache, make sure to refresh the cache so that the code is included on each page.

      1. That’s where I have it, yet Google still doesn’t recognize it. Not sure why? Any ideas?

        This is the code:

          (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),
          ga('create', 'UA-45187061-1', '');
          ga('send', 'pageview');

        If you go to and read the source code, you will see the code is at the top of the page.

        1. I’m seeing 4 separate Google Analytics code on your page.
          The only one added by Frontier Theme is the one that starts on line 77 and
          enclosed by <!-- Custom Head Codes -->
          You must have added the other 3 through other means.

          1. Oh, my word. I didn’t know that. I set up a Google Analytics plugin. That may have inserted code. Wow. I’ll have to go through the theme pages and see where the extra code may be. I’ll update you soon as to the results.

          2. I found it. I was using the wrong Analytics plugin.

  2. Hi there, when clicking on the rss feeds I am getting the save box come up and when I open in notepad I get this…

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home3/kiwiasyl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/forum-server/feed.php on line 22 and defined in /home3/kiwiasyl/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 992

    1. Hi Rob,
      The warning is caused by the plugin you’re using, “forum server”. It’s indicated right there on the notice that you posted. Though when I check the links on your rss feed, I’m not seeing any warnings at all.

      1. Thanks for the reply Ron! So are you saying it is incompatible with the forum server which is a forum plugin that had was pre-configured that I put on your awesome theme??

        1. The 2 notices does NOT point to the theme directory.

          /home3/kiwiasyl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/forum-server/feed.php on line 22
          /home3/kiwiasyl/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 992

          The issue is not related to the theme. The plugin you’re using was last updated a year ago. If I were to guess, I’d say that Forum Server is incompatible with the new WordPress 3.7

          If you need help with that plugin maybe you could post here WP Forum Server

  3. I’m just starting out with WP and am coming to appreciate the way your Frontier theme is set up the more I learn. It is very nice!
    Is there a way (in a child theme) I can put the search box up in the right hand side of the “main” div rather than below it in the side bar?

    thank you

    1. Hi Beth,
      There are other Widget Areas that are below the menu and above the content where you can add a search box besides the sidebar.

      You could go to Frontier Options -> Widgets and enable any of the following: Below Menu, Before Content or Post – Header (this is already enabled by default). You can then add your search widget on the Widget Page. By default the widget will expand to the whole width of the area. If you want it on the right corner you’ll have to add some CSS on Frontier -> CSS

      This is just a sample:

      #search-1 .search-form {
          float: right;
          width: 310px;
      1. Thank you Ron. I’ll see if I can work with that to get the look I’m going for.

  4. Also, is it possible to have a slider on the home page and then a different slider on another page?

    1. That’s not possible with the theme’s default slider. However, you can achieve that by using a separate Slider Plugin which you can then add on any widget area.

      1. I was starting to think maybe that was a possibility, but i didn’t want to try it for fear it might conflict with your existing code. I’ll give it a try now.

        Thanks again and thanks for such quick responses!
        I’m very impressed!

  5. Do you support infinite scrolling?

    1. No. You could follow this tutorial if you need to. How to add infinite scroll on WP Theme

  6. Hi Ron.

    Firstly thank you! I am relatively new to WordPress and very thankful to have found your Frontier theme.

    My problem is I cannot see how to add a widget UNDER the “Leave A Reply Box”.
    As you will see from my site, I need to take something out of the sidebar and populate the empty space under the “Post Comment” button.

    Any advice would be great!

    (I do not want to increase the number of columns in the footer as the disclaimer reads better in 1 column.)

    1. “After Content” widget area. Looks like you’ve found it, right?

  7. Formatting question: when I choose the option to have a full article presented on my front page, my paragraphs appear there with no spaces between them, unless I go back and edit the post with an extra space between each paragraph. When I do this, it looks fine on the front page, but then the actual post page itself ends up with TWO spaces between paragraphs, which looks terrible.

    Is there some formatting option I’m missing?

    1. I forgot to add some style for full post views. Read this forum topic:

  8. I still want to use wordpress comment below facebook comment. how do ?

    1. If the facebook comment plugin you use is in widget form or can be implemented by a shortcode then you can add that on the “Post – Footer” widget area.

      1. yes, I am using facebook comment plugin. but the original of wordpress comment form does not show up. how to bring up the comment form wordpress? You can see it on my website article post

        1. but the original of wordpress comment form does not show up.

          The plugin replaces it.

          As I said, you can use the widget areas IF your plugin supports widgets or shortcodes (you should ask the plugin author if you’re not sure). If it does not then it’s not possible to do what you want with the plugin you’re using. Maybe find another plugin.

          1. yes, the problem comes from the plugin. thanks ron for your attention

  9. Hi Ron,

    Thank you for the wonderful theme. I build a small website with it and added a bunch of my own CSS in the main style.css file so I can’t update it now. I noticed that I have a problem with my left sidebar. In my Safari and Chrome it displays next to the main content area, but I suspect there are problems with other browsers. I recently did a proxy download and noticed that the left sidebar got pushed below the main content area. The same thing happened on a Windows machine at the local library. My total width was 1030px so I made it to be 1020px thinking that maybe the browser in the library has 1024px horizontal resolution. Unfortunately, the problem persists. Do you have some idea what might be causing it?

    1. I just tested your page on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE10 & 9 and they seem to be displaying correctly. Other proxy services like and also displays the page correctly. The issue only shows when I test the page using the particular proxy service you posted above. The problem could be caused by the browser used by that particular proxy to display the page or the other restrictions that are applied by that proxy which are also listed on the url you posted.

      1. Ron,

        Thank you, for testing it on number of browsers and proxies for me. I did not get a chance to test again in the local library but it was probably a resolution problem. Two different smartphones are pushing the left sidebar completely below the main content area due to lack of space, so it was likely the same issue in the library. The proxy tricked me into thinking that there is a real problem.

  10. can everyone tell us what is their Adsense CTR so we can find the best positions ?

  11. I can not seem to hyper link some text? Is there a paid version where certain features are not disabled? I mean it is pretty simply highlight the text click the hyper link button… your done.

    Any suggestions would be great

    1. There is no paid version. This is a completely free theme.

      I mean it is pretty simply highlight the text click the hyper link button… your done.

      Yup. Highlight the text. Click the “link” button on the editor. Add the url then click “Add Link”. Is this not working for you? What happens?

      You can also add links manually. Change the editor from Visual mode to Text mode. Then add something like this.

      <a href="">This is my blog</a>
      1. Ok thanks it seems to be working right now. Nothing would happen that was the problem I would click the button to create the link and nothing.


  12. Hi Ron,

    I just changed from Astroid to Frontier and both themes are awesome! Phenomenal work!! Question for ya. Is there a way to shrink the header down with the responsive option? I have a 948×200 header that fits perfectly on the desktop, without the logo option. But on photos and tablets the header is cut off. Can I change the css from 948px to a % so the header looks the same universally? Thanks!!

    1. Applying background-size: 100%; will make the background image fill the entire area but will not be responsive because the header is empty and has no height of its own. And if you do set a height then it will not resize.

      The easiest solution is to use the logo option. Use an image big enough to fill the entire header area then add #header {min-height: 0;} on the css option.

      Here’s another albeit trickier solution but will still use <img> instead of background-image.

      1. You’re a godsend, Ron. Thank you!

  13. Hi! I am having issues with being able to change the layout on individual pages. Can you assist? It only started happening since the latest update. Jeannie

    1. I just tested changing page templates on sites with and without a child-theme and they’re both working correctly. What happens when you try to change a pages template? Where you unable to save the changes on the editor? Does it go back to the Default Template when you edit the page again? Or is the problem on the Front End meaning changes as saved on the editor but the appearance of page isn’t changing? Have you recently enabled a plugin?

      I’m looking at your site and it looks like you’ve set the widths of the sidebars to 0.

      1. Hi! I deactivated all of the plug-in’s except the few that I am using. It saves on the editor (when I save the page template), but looks the same on the front-end. I also just updated the widths to 680 for the main content and 250 for each sidebar. Same thing. I’m looking to be able to show some pages with one of the sidebars and other pages with the other one.

        1. The default template is set two sidebars both on the left-hand side. If I change an individual pages template to say “one sidebar” and click update – it stays that way on the page editor – but the page itself does not change in the browser.

          1. That’s odd since the front page which uses a page template is working correctly. Could you post a link to a page which you’ve set to use one sidebar?


    1. Is that the correct link? The link you posted points to a category and not a page. Only pages can use page templates. Both posts and archives(categories, tags, date) will only follow the default layout set on the options.

  15. Hi Ron — I love the theme! Is there any way to make the featured images of posts larger?

    1. You can choose from 2 sizes available on Frontier Options -> Blog -> Thumbnail Size. If you want an even bigger image you’ll have to use a child theme where you could specify the exact size. Is this what you want?

      1. Thank you for your response. Yes, I noticed the two different thumbnail sizes in the Frontier options, but I was looking to display even bigger images.

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