Frontier Theme

Frontier is a clean, multi-purpose theme built on HTML5 and CSS3 standards. It incorporates responsive properties to accommodate mobile devices. Frontier lets you choose from 1, 2 or 3 column layouts in many configurations. Make use of the many widget areas and theme hooks to easily modify the theme to suit your needs. Make the theme your own by incorporating a custom favicon, logo, header image and more. Frontier accomplishes all of these while maintaining minimal file size that makes for a fast and efficient WordPress.

Theme Features:

  • One, two, three column layout.
  • Responsive layout for handhelds.
  • HTML5 & CSS3 compliant.
  • Numerous widgetized areas.
  • Numerous theme hooks.
  • Simple jQuery Slider.
  • Custom CSS Option.
  • Custom Favicon.
  • Custom Header Logo.
  • Custom Header Image.
  • Custom Background Image.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Translation ready.
  • Small file size < 350Kb.


Have questions? Take time to read this page: Frontier Documentation


The many faces of the Frontier Theme. Click the images to expand.
Frontier Theme Front Page
Frontier Theme for WordPress. A free, multi-purpose theme. The default layout with one sidebar.
WordPress Theme Ads
Banner and Ad Areas. Note: Widgets outside the container need to be positioned manually with CSS.
WordPress Theme 3 Sidebars
Frontier Theme Three Columns
WordPress Full Width Theme
Frontier Theme One Column
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  1. Ron… WOW… I love the theme… you’ve done a very good job on this… I’m a big fan of the Asteroid theme but this is a New level of theme. I’m proud… By the way what country are you from? Just curious..

    1. Thanks. I’m glad someone could appreciate it. I’m from the Philippines.

      1. same here.. I’m proud Kabayan.. Yung asteriod theme gamit kona sa isa kong websites.. now this theme, I’ll use this for my new membership site…

  2. hi, recently shifted to the frontier theme in our website. is there a way that different pages in the site can have different layouts? also, can a page outside the home page also show blog posts in particular categories? will look forward to your response. thanks, rach

    1. is there a way that different pages in the site can have different layouts?

      Yes. Open the page on the editor. On the right side there is a “Page Attributes” box with an option to change “Template”. If the “Page Attribute” box is missing, click the “Screen Options” on the very top-right corner. The past theme versions only have 1 template to choose from. Frontier 1.0.3 has 4. You can download that now on the button above or wait for the official update from

      can a page outside the home page also show blog posts in particular categories?

      A) If you click on an item on my menu above, for example “Stuff”, then posts from “Stuff” category appears. Is that what you mean? that is a category archive and you can set that on the menu creation page.

      B) If you mean posts appearing on an actual page-type then there is no option for that but it is possible to do by creating a new shortcode.

      The first one is easier since both would function and appear just the same right?

      1. dear ron, maraming salamat for your quick reply. i downloaded the update from and was already to get the several page templates. as for my second question, i did the first one as you advised and created a menu.

        your response was very helpful. sana hindi ka magsawa. i am still working on fully creating the page, and anticipate many more questions. sana hindi ka makulitan. salamat ulit

        1. You’re welcome.

          1. Excellent work done on the design.. ! I started using this theme a few days back and it has got some of the best coustomizable features.. cheers !

  3. Hi Ron,
    Love the Frontier theme. How did you get those lyrics lines to appear in your top bar?

    1. Someone noticed! Now I’m a little embarrassed 😉

      The Title and the Description area on top can be overridden by adding this code on the functions.php (always use a child theme)

      In the example below I used the frontier_top_bar_description filter to make the lines appear on the Description area. You could also use frontier_top_bar_title to use the Title area instead.

      function frontier_random_line() {
          $lines = array(
          "What do you get when you fall in love?",
          "Wouldn't you know it, she wouldn't show it.",
          "You fill up my senses like night in a forest.",
          "Like a storm in the desert, like a sleepy blue ocean.",
          "You fill up my senses, come fill me again.",
          "One by one the stars would all go out.",
          "Then you and I would simply fly away."
          echo $lines[array_rand($lines)];
      add_filter( 'frontier_top_bar_description', 'frontier_random_line' );

      The lines above show in a random order.

      1. Thank you! It’s cool. We’ll see in a while if I can get this to work. I really only want ONE line up there … i.e. one piece of text…

        1. Go to Frontier Options -> Display -> Top Bar
          and check “Enable the top bar” & “Site Description”

          If needed, you could change your tagline here:
          Dashboard -> Settings -> General -> Tagline

          1. Thank you so much, for your prompt reply … will go and check it out now! 🙂 Love the theme…

  4. Hello and congratulations for the theme. Very Beautiful!

    I have a small request. I’m using your theme to create a government site with a three-column layout with 1000px wide. When I choose the page template with left sidebar, the width is reduced and the section’s content does not expand to increase the space, how can I solve? Thank you.

    1. Hi Gio, That is the default behavior of the theme. The widths are calculated according to the values set on the options page. You could manually set the widths specifically for the Left Sidebar Page Template.

      For example, if we have this on the frontier options.

      Content Width: 612px
      Left Sidebar: 280px
      Right Sidebar: 328px

      Then our container width would be the total of 1220px. Then we add the Right Sidebar to the Content Width to get the NEW Content Width of 940px

      Put this in the Custom CSS option.

      .page-template-page-sc-php #container {width: 1220px;}
      .page-template-page-sc-php #content {width: 940px; max-width: 940px;}

      Tell me if this works for you.

      1. I’ve decided that starting from Frontier 1.0.5, pages that use page templates will now follow the width of the default layout’s container. No more need to add css like on the example above.

  5. Accidentally found a topic Frontier. It’s just a great theme! Yum! This is what I was looking for! Lightweight, valid, clean code, beautiful, multifunctional… Ron, you’re a genius! The only thing – there is no built-in maps of the site, as the topic Asteroid. It upsets me a bit. I would not want to use the plugin. Maybe will update? Add some features from the theme Asteroid 🙂 Sorry for my English.

    1. Do you mean the sitemap page template? maybe on the next update.

      1. Yes, yes it is. It would be great!

      2. Ron, thank you very much for the site map page template.
        And thank you for all that you do for us.

  6. Is there anyway to remove the “Frontier Theme” logo in the bottom right corner? Thank you very much, the theme is great!

    1. There’s no logo on the bottom. Do you mean the link to this exact page? There will be an option to remove it on the next update.

      1. Yes! Ok, thank you very much! And great work!

  7. The theme is perfect for my blog needs. however, I cannot figure out how to install photos into the slider? Can you help

    1. The slider will display each post’s featured image. How to add a featured image.

  8. Hi Ron, I have just started to use Frontier and I like it but have query.
    I have a seperate page which I am using for photos and am having a heck of a job getting them to align properly. It is set as just a single main frame ie no sidebars, and am trying to place fairly small thumbnails in line across. I have chosen left, centre and right etc but they still load with say two in line across and with one centred but below the other two. Rather a waste of space. Is there any way I can drag and drop them or have you any suggestions.

    Best regards

    1. Have you tried setting ALL the images to align left? Could you post your url so I could have a look?

      You could also try creating an image gallery which aligns all images perfectly depending on how many columns you set them to.

      1. Hi Ron,
        Thank you very much for your reply. Have solved the problem with a plug in that incorporates an album into the page. Still playing with the settings but at least the pictures now show up in a commonsense manner.
        Thanks again got the help from one of your links.


  9. hi ron, this is rach again. would like to ask what is the ideal size for the featured image portion. when i tried to put in rectangular photos, the thumbnail did not adjust automatically and the picture appeared cut.

    1. You’re talking about the thumbnail on the excerpts right? I’m not really sure. WordPress itself is the one that produces the thumbnails. I guess it would depend on what thumbnail size you choose. If you choose the 150×150 then I would think a square image would be ideal. If you choose 200×120 then an image with the same proportions. Maybe you could try and see if this works.

  10. Ron, In the Frontier theme, is it possible to choose a category for the home page blog instead of showing most recent? I can set a category of “Featured” for the slider, but would like to set a category of “News” for the homepage, otherwise the featured post shows up twice. Once in the slider and once in the blog just below it. Thanks, – Rob

    1. It’s possible but you’ll have to use a child-theme. Add this on the child-theme’s functions.php

      function frontier_set_category( $query ) {
          if ( $query->is_home() && $query->is_main_query() ) {
              $query->set( 'cat', '15' );
      add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'frontier_set_category' );

      This line indicates that only posts from category ’15’ will be shown

      $query->set( 'cat', '15' );

      The ’15’ in the example is the category ID. Adding a negative sign means that only that category will be removed.

      $query->set( 'cat', '-15' );

      To get the category ID, go to Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories then hover your mouse over the chosen category. A string along with the id will display on the bottom of the screen.


  11. Firstly.. excellent theme almost exactly what i was looking for straight out of the box.
    Just upgraded from 1.4 to 1.5 and using latest 3.6.1 wordpress.

    Got a few problems.
    tested the site in chrome and firefox and all is great.
    I.E 10 – problems – the menu dropdowns goes all half transparent on the right, and the menu overflows to the right of the page.

    Also the right sidebar ( im using the CSS ) drops down under the left.

    if i flip ie10 into compatability mode it all works fine. incase this helps…

    My last query is, can i get the index page to show as CSS and the post pages to show as CS. The left sidebar needs to go and the content fill up to the right sidebar.
    I am using an plugin to exclude the widgets from appearing but the content wont fill the space.
    Could i make a home.php which is forced into CSS template whilst leaving the rest of the site using the CS as set in the options?

    Many thanks.

    1. Regarding the first issue, on my end your site displays correctly on IE10. It only displays the symptoms you described when I turn on “Compatibility View”. So I guess you just had it reversed.

      Creating a home.php would be the most convenient way in this case. I tested if I could do this and created a child-theme. No point in keeping it to myself so here it is. See if it works for you.

      After you install that set the default layout to 1 Right Sidebar. Set the content width to 892px then add this on the custom css.

      .col-css #content {
         max-width: 612px;
         width: 612px;
      1. Many thanks you are an absolute star!!!

    2. Hi Ron,

      In case you are interested i found a custom css fix for the featured image not being displayed in i.e 8 on an XP machine.

      .entry-thumbnail img {float: left; max-width: none;-ms-interpolation-mode: bicubic;height:auto;width:auto}

      only i know quite a few people still using xp machines which are limited to i.e 8

      Many thanks once again for the theme and great support

  12. Hi Ron,
    This is indeed a great theme. Something that I had been frantically looking for since weeks.
    I am facing some issues with the slider function.
    First, I want to use the slider on my (static) front page. It seems, i can use it only for the posts page or the front page with “default template”. For any other template, the slider is deactivated.

    secondly, the images on the slider are static. I am unable to see a slideshow, just one image. Although i have created the posts under the same category and assigned the category to the slider.


    1. Hi Kartikey,

      You’re right. I definitely forgot to add something on the page templates. You could download and install an edited one here.

      For the second issue, you mean there’s an image but the slider wont play? Even if you clicked the next button? Are you using disqus for comments? You’re probably using a plugin that is conflicting with the slider.

      1. Thanks a ton Ron. The update worked! I now have the slider on the front page.

        Yes, for the second issue i have a set of images but the slider doesnt play them (It still doesn’t). i have disabled comments from my pages but i think that disqus is the default tool for that. I had tried deactivating all plugins in order to check for a solution. Is it possible that i could be missing a plugin?

        1. So you have Disqus plugin installed (like here on my blog)? If yes, go to:
          Comments -> Disqus -> Plugin Settings
          Then check “Output JavaScript in footer”

          1. Yes, I tried that as well. The slideshow is stuck on the first image. Disabling disqus also does not help! Thing is I am not even getting the nav buttons on my slider. Could this be requiring a java plugin?


    1. The slider isn’t playing because there is no more slides to play. Your category only has 1 post as seen here Try to add at least another post then see.

      On another note: the fonts aren’t showing correctly because you are using an https protocol. The edited frontier I posted on your first comment has a fix for this but you don’t seem to be using it. The fix is located on the functions.php

      1. I don’t know why that is happening. I have a category named “slider-images” that I am using for the slider. I had added 3 posts to it (which it is showing when I click on the slider).

        Actually I used the page templates from your updated theme… Since I wanted to use the feature of variable widths for different pages from frontier 1.0.4

        1. When you click the category link I posted above, do you see 3 posts? I only see 1 post. And when I click the Archive for September 2013 I also only see 1 post. Are you sure the other 2 missing posts are published and not set as drafts?

          If you take a look at my graphics category I have 5 posts. And when you go to my homepage, the slider which I temporarily enabled, also has 5 post.

  14. Yes, I am seeing 3 posts (not directly, you have to click on the “older posts” link below the first post). I just double checked, all my posts are published.

    Thanks for enabling the slider on your homepage. In your case, I see one post per month at

    Is that actually the case? Try clicking on “older posts” at

    do you see my other posts?

    1. Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading
      You probably set “Blog pages show at most” to 1. Change it to at least 10.

      1. Woahhh!!!! Thanks a lot buddy. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to solve it by myself.

        You rock! Many thanks for all the help.

        Best wishes,

          1. haha… this was some diagonstics!

  15. Hello there, Nalini from Malaysia here. Am using ur theme for a NGO project and would like to know if the display is compatible with i-Pad. So far ur theme fulfill a lot of the need for this and that and easy to use platform.
    Thank you for a marvelous theme. My web is It is password protected for now as I am still working on it. U may drop me a personal email for the password.

    Thank you.

    1. You can test if your website displays appropriately on multiple screen resolutions. Check it here

      1. Thank you Ron for ur prompt reply. My site is up already.
        The flexibility has allowed me to do so much in this web. Thank you again Ron.

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