File & Folder Attributes Changer

file and folder attributes changer

attributes changer

  • Change file and folder Attributes by dragging them into the app.
  • Supports dragging multiple files and folders at once.
  • Toggles hidden files and folders with one click.
  • Additional handy “Run” dialog box included.
  • This is a free and portable App.

Normally, in order to change file or folder attribute, one must right click and select properties in the file or folder context menu. This might seem simple enough but when your PC or Flash Drive is infected by numerous worms that are common these days, changing those attributes through command prompt becomes a hassle.

Things become a little complicated as most of these worms set your files and folders attribute to both “Hidden” and “System” which in turn prevents you from changing the attributes back to normal through “Properties” because the options are greyed and unclickable.

This is where this app comes in. Simply click Show Hidden Files then Yes on the menu to show which ones are hidden on windows explorer. Make sure the “Normal” Attribute is selected on the app. Highlight all your hidden+system infected files then drag to the app area.

File Name   :  Attributes Changer
File Size   :  50 KB Uncompressed / 20.05 KB Compressed
Requires    :  Windows, Net Framework 3.0, Admin Privilege
Attributes Changer

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