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These are posts about blogging and web development. Here I share knowledge on various web technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, MySQL and other things I learned from the web or simply stumbled on my own. Most of these posts are WordPress Tutorials for both developers and simple users.

Add Shortcuts on WordPress Admin Bar

If you find yourself constantly modifying plugins and style sheets, you might want to make the process of navigating from the homepage to the options page a bit faster. You can easily add shortcuts to the admin bar by adding this code in your functions.php file. Using the code above adds two additional menu items, […]

Child Theme for Asteroid

So you just recently created a WordPress site and you’re having a hard time picking the right theme. The best step to take is to just find a flexible theme then customize it yourself. Customizing a theme is a great way to learn about the anatomy of a WordPress theme and websites in general. It’s […]

Add Google Analytics on WordPress

Google Analytics is a very good tool to track your website’s progress and record visitor statistics. You can improve user experience and click-through rates by analyzing where on your site your visitors are entering and exiting more often. Analytics also shows the performance of each part of your site. It analyzes which pages load faster […]

Fix bbPress not working on WAMP

bbPress is a very popular WordPress plugin that adds a bulletin board functionality to any site run on WordPress. This is a good alternative to more popular forum software like vBulletin, IP.board, phpBB, smf and xenforo. Admittedly, bbPress is just a lightweight version but it does the job efficiently and elegantly. It’s structure is very […]

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