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Blog posts about anything under the sun that doesn’t belong to any of the other categories. Personal stuff and such. These posts also include my unnecessary opinions about current news and events.

File & Folder Attributes Changer

Change file and folder Attributes by dragging them into the app. Supports dragging multiple files and folders at once. Toggles hidden files and folders with one click. Additional handy “Run” dialog box included. This is a free and portable App. Normally, in order to change file or folder attribute, one must right click and select […]

My Yamaha FG-151 Acoustic Guitar

Introducing the Yamaha FG-151 acoustic guitar. I bought this cheap but reliable, dreadnought guitar for about $120. It’s the first thing I bought with my very first work money. I’ve had a number of guitars in the past but they usually don’t last very long. This vintage is at least 33 years old. That’s 10 […]

Back from the Dead: The Internet

I’m Back 🙂 Something awful just happened to me, one of the worst things that can happen to someone living in the 21st century. I lost my connection for a prolonged period of time, yet again. No Internet Connection During the cold and gloomy hours of December 27, 2011 I turned my modem on as […]

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