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Google Adsense Performance on Planets & Moons

google april fool's day

So it seems Google Adsense has expanded and began to monitors page views from distant planets and their satellites (moons). I never though it would expand this big. Too bad I haven’t anticipated this. I should have planned ahead. What a fool I was. Think of the opportunities, I better revise my strategies. April Fools! […]

Adminer – The Best Alternative to phpMyAdmin

Best Alternative to phpMyAdmin

Rarely do I see a relatively unknown software outdo a much more popular alternative. Having used both phpMyAdmin and Adminer, I came to conclude that the latter is quite superior in almost every way. I now use Adminer exclusively for managing my database. Use Adminer to conveniently Add, Edit and Delete various table entries that […]

Beware of Downloading WordPress Themes

The edited theme replaces 2 files (BAK) and has an edited functions.php

Not again! I’ve posted about a suspiciously edited WordPress theme a while ago. It seems there are a lot more out there. It is the the Internet after all. It’s a pretty big place. There are a lot of websites dedicated to collecting WordPress themes then redistributing them. The problem is that most, if not […]

XMedia Recode: Free Video Encoding Software

XMedia Recode Video Encoding Alternative

This program just might be the best free video encoding software available. It’s quite a mystery to me that despite being powerful and completely free, XMedia Recode is relatively unknown. This may be due to the program looking complicated and not newbie friendly. I’ve also been using other equally amazing free software like Format Factory, […]

Suspiciously Edited WordPress Theme


I came upon a Russian site that distributes WordPress themes that are mostly taken from and some that come from other sources. I was a bit surprised that the theme I just submitted to was available there. The site’s domain name seems official, “wp-templates” with a Russian tld, but it is definitely not […]

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