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Visual masterpieces or garbage? Take your pick. If the posted work is my own creation then feel free to use it. A little attribution would be nice though.

A Self-Portrait using Pointillism

Self-Portrait using Pointillism

This image was done when I was in 4th year high school. The task was to create a self-portrait using pointillism technique. Pointillism is a technique where dots are used to create the image. I’m not sure whether it should be strictly composed of dots or maybe it’s just meant to be the prevalent technique […]

Tree Drawing – My Art


This is a drawing of a tree growing on top of a cave. Trees always fascinate me, they’re very beautiful, lively and mysterious at the same time. This was done on a notebook and some of the paper lines are still visible. Click the image to expand. This is what you do when you’re bored […]

Old Portrait Doodles

Here are old portrait drawings of some notable characters at my old highschool. School life seems so long ago that I feel like it was all an imagination. How I wish to go back to those boring times of quietly sitting on a chair, writing, drawing, chatting and occasionally learning. Click the images to expand.

Simple File Type Icons

Free File Type Icons

Icons for various file types. I may add more in the future. PHP ● CSS ● HTML ● XML ● JS ● ASP ● FLA ● INFO ● SWF Unnecessary Backstory Hello World. Ever since I got hooked on WordPress, I found myself spending a lot of time tinkering with theme designs. Since I only […]

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