Background Pattern – Honeycomb Texture

A visitor on this blog had asked me how to achieve the blue background that I have. It does have a nice look, so I’ll share the background pattern I created and show how to use it. It was fun making it, I might create new patterns in the future.

background texture pattern

Sample Pattern

Download the texture here: bg-honeycomb.png It’s just a tiny PNG file of 204 bytes. It’s made up of semi-transparent lines so it’s almost invisible without any background-color.

body {
   background-image: url("bg-honeycomb.png");
   background-color: #3C76AF;

Here are sample colors that I think would look good on the pattern.


You can use this pattern on any of your projects. Some attribution or link back to this post would be nice. 🙂

Post your questions and complaints below.

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