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Asteroid is a simple, clean and responsive WordPress theme. It incorporates various widget areas that make management of banners and ads a lot easier, especially for ad-supported sites. The theme is ideal for use on a blog, a static website or both. It has an intuitively designed options panel to help customize your site. The theme’s development focuses on user customization and minimizing HTTP requests to help conserve server resource. Asteroid supports custom header images, backgrounds, menus, full-width page templates, RTL Language Support and more.

Download WordPress themes from trusted sources like the official Theme Repository or from the author’s site. Here is Asteroid’s WordPress Page. I may update the zip file here on my blog first, before it becomes available/live on

Asteroid Theme 1.2.3

Theme Features:

  • Simple and Clean design.
  • Two-column layout. Full Page.
  • Numerous Widgetized areas.
  • Responsive layout for mobile devices.
  • Option for analytics & custom scripts.
  • Custom CSS Option.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Validates as HTML5 compliant.
  • Minimal file size to save bandwidth.
  • RTL Language Support.
  • Translation ready.
  • bbPress forum support.




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Asteroid Theme WordPress Blog
Asteroid Theme – Blog View
This is the standard look of the theme upon installation. You can also use a static page as the homepage instead of a blog. Pages have an option to use a full-width template which you can stylize with your own HTML & CSS coding.
WordPress Theme Ads
Theme Ad & Banner Placement
Now you should never pepper your website with this much advertisement. I think 3-4 well-placed ad units would be optimal. This screenshot only shows the many placements you can use for ads and banners.
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  1. This is the best theme I’ve had so far, it works wonderfully and makes no problems. I am very satisfied.
    Thank you.

  2. I found your theme as the best fit of my needs. Thank you for your effort!
    I have a Hungarian language site, and I’d like to change the “Search” word in the search field. Which PHP should I look for it?

    1. The Search Widget is part of WordPress and not the theme so there is no template to edit on the theme folder. However, you can change or translate the text by adding some code on functions.php
      How to Change Text on Search Widget

  3. How to remove/hide pages from the top (tos, privacy) i want to put them down not to be shown on header i have other link that i wantem there

    1. Go to the admin area Appearance -> Menus
      You can create your own menus there.

  4. Hello, when I click on a category, it shows a bunch of posts (about 20). By default, it is ordered by the newest post. How can I order it by the oldest post first?

    So what do I want is when the user clicks on a category, it shows the oldest first and then all the way till the newest ones. Thanks.

    1. Add this on a child-theme functions.php

      function set_archive_order( $query ) {
          if ( $query->is_archive() && $query->is_main_query() ) {
              $query->set( 'orderby', 'date' );
      	$query->set( 'order', 'ASC' );
      add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'set_archive_order' );
  5. How do you remove the post title’s on this theme?

  6. Sorry, I am not sure if this is where I should be posting, but I am looking for the Asteroid Theme.
    I have just bought hosting from Blue Host and I am looking through their WordPress themes but cannot find it. I saw it once before and loved it, how can I get it again, please?

    1. You could download it on this page. Click the Button above.
      You could also get it here

      Then go to admin area Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload

  7. Thanks – didn’t explain myself properly. I am not looking for it on – that’s where I saw it before. But I am looking to write a website with, and I can’t find it on there.
    I don’t have my own server, so I have purchased 3 years hosting through Blue Host and I’m not really sure what I’m doing… 🙁

    1. This theme is only available for self-hosted WordPress (aka does not accept uploading themes as stated here:

      Though if you purchased your own web hosting from blue host then that would mean you’re going to be using a self-hosted WP, right?

  8. Thanks Ron, I downloaded it from you and everything is working fine. When I get my site written I will contact you again with my thanks and contribution.

  9. I love the Asteroid theme. I’d like to make the font of the menu items smaller so that I can keep my menu to one line. How can I do this?

  10. Ron, I installed Asteroid 1.1.5 and under the Asteroid Options, only the General Tab produces a visible set of options. The screen area is blank when selecting any other tab. I re-downloaded and re-installed it with no change.
    I’m using Chrome. Tried Frontier and that works fine. Any ideas?

    1. Clear your browser cache. On chrome, press CTRL + H then select Clear Browsing Data then restart your browser

  11. How do I make the site-description italicized? I’ve tried putting font-style: italic; into style.css under #site-descritpion with no luck.

    1. The code should work.

      #site-description {
          font-style: italic;

      Looks like you’ve just edited the main style.css, this is bad practice. All modifications done on the themes files will be lost if the theme is updated. If you want to add some css like the code above, you could add it on Asteroid Options -> Custom CSS which is an option created for this specific purpose. You could also just use a child theme.

  12. also, when I updated my version of Asteroid, I lost the lines between the posts. Can you point me to where I set this option?

    1. As I mentioned on my comment above, looks like you’ve made changes to style.css since you’ve updated. I’m looking at your style.css and there are some css codes that are missing.

      It may be better if you update again. Go to Appearance -> Editor then change the theme’s version to 1.1.5. Then go to the updates page where you can update the theme again.

      — Edit —
      Did you really update the theme in the first place? I think you copied a few css code on the top part of the new style.css then manually changed the version. The unmodified 1.1.6 style.css on the left and yours on the right

      1. I made changes to the menu css in style.css. I made it directly in the style.css because I read somewhere – not sure at the moment – that if it would be fewer than 30 lines of code, to just put it into the regular css. Then, after I updated, I copied the section of code where I’d made changes back over the new code. It seems ALL of this was NOT a good idea. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to help me out! I will now go figure out how to get a child theme.

        1. If you need a child theme, you can download one already made here:

          Just upload that then activate. Then you can add your custom css on its own style.css

  13. One more question. I wanted to have a search box in the upper right of my header. In trying that, I have three search boxes, none of which is where I want it. Can you help me out one more time?

    1. I’m only seeing one widget on your header. If you add one search widget, it can be position with css. You can use margin or padding or position + left + right.

      Example 1:

      #header .widget_search {
          margin-left: 60px;
          margin-top: 8px;

      Example 2: If you need the header widgets to float to the right:

      #widgets-wrap-header {float: right;}
      .widget-header {display: inline-block;}
  14. Hi Ron.
    It seems that the search box which was on the right hand side of the page, has suddenly moved to the left – and I don’t know whether I did that, or whether it was your update a couple of days ago.
    I really do prefer it on the right, can you tell me where to look to change this, please?
    Also, I have inadvertently made the single line under the page title into a double line. I don’t know what I did – can you tell me haw to change it back too please.

    1. Yes, that is part of the changes of the latest update. The search box which was separate from the menu has been included as one of the menu items as seen here. This should improve the way the menu and search box is displayed on different screen widths. Anyway, your menu seems crowded, why not disable the menu search box and just add one search box widget on the sidebar.

      If you really prefer the old style, you could delete the theme and upload the previous version (1.1.5) that you can get here

      As for the two lines near the post title, it seems you have an empty Text Widget in that area. Clearing that widget area of any unused widget should remove the extra line.

      1. Thanks Ron – could you tell me how to remove the search box from the menu bar and put it at the top of the sidebar then please. I really don’t want to go back to an older version.
        Also, I shall check the widgets for the other problem. thanks again.

        1. On Asteroid Options -> General, uncheck “Search Box on Menu”
          On the widgets page, drag a “Search” widget on to the sidebar area.

  15. Thanks Ron, I tried dragging the Search widget to the sidebar but it looked awful and I’m not sure how to edit it. Liked yours much better, :).
    Also, is there a way I can duplicate the NavBar menu into the footer? I tried dragging menu widget there, but I want it to be the same as the one at the top.

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