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Asteroid is a simple, clean and responsive WordPress theme. It incorporates various widget areas that make management of banners and ads a lot easier, especially for ad-supported sites. The theme is ideal for use on a blog, a static website or both. It has an intuitively designed options panel to help customize your site. The theme’s development focuses on user customization and minimizing HTTP requests to help conserve server resource. Asteroid supports custom header images, backgrounds, menus, full-width page templates, RTL Language Support and more.

Download WordPress themes from trusted sources like the official Theme Repository or from the author’s site. Here is Asteroid’s WordPress Page. I may update the zip file here on my blog first, before it becomes available/live on

Asteroid Theme 1.2.3

Theme Features:

  • Simple and Clean design.
  • Two-column layout. Full Page.
  • Numerous Widgetized areas.
  • Responsive layout for mobile devices.
  • Option for analytics & custom scripts.
  • Custom CSS Option.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Validates as HTML5 compliant.
  • Minimal file size to save bandwidth.
  • RTL Language Support.
  • Translation ready.
  • bbPress forum support.




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Asteroid Theme WordPress Blog
Asteroid Theme – Blog View
This is the standard look of the theme upon installation. You can also use a static page as the homepage instead of a blog. Pages have an option to use a full-width template which you can stylize with your own HTML & CSS coding.
WordPress Theme Ads
Theme Ad & Banner Placement
Now you should never pepper your website with this much advertisement. I think 3-4 well-placed ad units would be optimal. This screenshot only shows the many placements you can use for ads and banners.
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  1. Hi Ron. I use your theme. Currently I’m running version 1.08
    I see you have released a newer version.

    I took a look at the change log but its a bit vague.
    fixed CSS
    added new options…

    Care to share information on these new options and that new do?
    Maybe also were t find them?

    Thanks and great work 🙂

    1. Sorry for being vague. The difference with the version your using is really just very minimal so I didn’t go into detail. The “Added Option” is really just one addition on the “Post & Pages” tab to display Author on blog-view.

      The only major thing that differs is that separate widget areas for Post and pages have been merged into one. Example: there used to be both a Widgets After Post – Content and Widgets After Page – Content. Now there’s only one. I merged those together for simplicity. You can still control whether the widgets appear on a Post or Page or both by using Widget Logic Plugin.

      1. Hi Ron.
        Thanks for getting back to me 🙂

        So I have just updated, and Yes, I don’t notice anything 🙂

        In fact, i’m a little sad, because I was hoping certain issues reported below by others would be resolved, in mobile devices.

        But from what I can see they are the same.

        For example, if I text my site in my android phone motorola defy plus, in opera, the site loads in responsive mode, adjusted to the phone screen.
        Listing the posts there is no margin on the right side. There is on the left.

        If I open a post, text gets cut out, well, I can see it in the screen, and images aren’t adjusted either. Also get cut.

        If I text an other browser like android default browser, the site load in normal desktop mode.

        Maybe on the next version you can get these fixed?!

        If you need to understand better I can send screen shots.

        Thanks for the good work 😉

  2. Hi Ron.
    A while back I contacted you for help to translate certain bits of text on the theme.

    You pointed out that the best was to install a plugin called “codestyling localization”

    I hade already by then started using the childtheme.
    So I folowed the instruction and I translated what I needed.

    Yesterday I updated the theme 1.08 to the latest 1.09 and now all translations are gone…

    I decided, well, I’ll translate again. But there seems to be an issue.

    Child theme now does NOT show in codestyling localization.
    So I folowed there instructions:

    How to make your Child Theme ready to use its own translation files?

    First of all you have to modify your Child Themes functions.php file and call the appropriated load method as shown below. Assume the textdomain is defined at the Main Theme as supertheme the load function should look like:

    load_child_theme_textdomain(‘supertheme’, get_stylesheet_directory().’/languages’);

    So I added to my child theme functions.php the following:
    load_child_theme_textdomain(‘asteroid’, get_stylesheet_directory().’/languages’);

    Whent back to codestyling localization and did a rescan.
    Now Child theme is listed.

    I make the translations and save the file. But they dont take effect.

    Can I please get urgent help on this?

    1. Try adding this on the child theme’s functions.php

      load_theme_textdomain( 'asteroid', get_stylesheet_directory() . '/languages' );

      Don’t forget the spaces. I just tested this and it works fine.

      1. Hi Ron.
        I did add that line of code to my functions.php of the child theme.

        After that the child theme gets listed. That Okay.
        But after I translate and test it, the translations dont take effect.

        1. I’m not sure why it doesn’t work in your case.
          – Did you remember to save your translations/”generate mo-file”?
          – Did you make sure that all the files are there on the “languages” folder?

          This is what I did to enable mine.
          – Change the WPLANG on wp-config.php
          – Add the files on “languages” folder of the child theme. See image.
          – Add the code on the functions.php of the child theme.
          That’s it. As you can see on the image the options page and some elements on the blog post are translated correctly.
          Here’s an image

  3. Hi Ron.
    Your a Star!! Thanks.
    I dont really understand why my previous translation went missing after the update, but with your instructions I managed to translate again.
    I was missing the languages folder inside the asteroid-child folder.

    One last question.
    My page and post title after the update got messed up.
    I now have:
    posttitlesitetitle | sitetitle
    before update I hade:
    posttitle [space] | sitetitle

    I have tryed tto aply the old code but did not work.
    I feel is a conflict with All in One SEO Plugin, but on the other hand before the update it worked just fine.

    Hope I can get your help once again.
    Thanks in advance

    1. The new format of wp_title that I follow now is the one used by the default WordPress themes like Twenty Eleven, Twenty Twelve and the new Twenty Thirteen. I tested “All in One SEO” with those official WP themes and also showed the same errors. I rename my own titles with a different plugin(Yoast) and it works fine. I conclude that it is “All in One SEO” which is incompatible.

      However, if you really need to make it work you can disable the theme’s title function by adding this code in your child-theme’s functions.php

      function asteroid_disable_titles() {
          remove_filter( 'wp_title', 'asteroid_wp_title' );
      add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'asteroid_disable_titles' );

      This should allow the plugin to work properly.

      But it seems to me that the most convenient solution is for you to turn the plugin’s titles off (uncheck “Rewrite Titles”) because you mentioned that the format you want to use is “PostTitle | SiteName” which is the default format anyway.

      1. I Ron!!!
        Once again you figured it out!!

        It worked just fine.

        Thanks man 🙂

        1. You’re welcome 🙂

  4. Hey Ron, how do I use a.dlbutton and div.short-important in a post?

    1. I’ve created a post here Just change the css stylings to however you like. The bg-honeycomb.png that I use is the one in this post background pattern

  5. Thanks.

    I’m trying to center the button with “text-align: center !important;” but that doesn’t work. Any tips?

    1. if you want to center every button you create then you can add this on the dlbutton’s css

      .dlbutton {margin: 8px auto;}

      But if you only want to center buttons individually then you can add that on the shortcode’s style property like these

      [dlbutton style="margin: 8px auto;"]

      The 8px is the top and bottom margin so you can change it to whatever you like.

      1. Thanks again, that worked flawlessly.

        Btw. do you plan to add a slider to your theme?

        1. I’ve been thinking about that since there’s this excellent responsive slider that I want to integrate, the iView but I think it would be better to just create a completely new theme with that slider since Asteroid is just meant to be a simple blogging theme.

          Anyway, if you’re interested in adding a slider to Asteroid – you just install any slider plugin then add the shortcode in a php widget. You’ll have a lot of widget areas to choose from where you can place that php widget.

  6. The widget area on top of the content doesn’t work, I can’t add anything there in the widget options of WordPress.

    1. Do you mean the “Before Content” area? The widget is not appearing on the website? or you can’t add any widget on the Widgets Page? If the problem is on the Widgets Page then it’s probably not a theme issue. As usual try clearing your browser cache or disabling plugins or try adding a widget using a different browser.

      I just tested adding Widgets on this site and on a local install and they work fine.

      1. It appears in the widget options but I can’t open it so I can’t drop anything there.

        I’ll try your suggestions.

      2. A little update: It works fine now.

  7. I have this widget issue too, it’s caused an error with my twitter widgets. There’s no sidebar showing in admin to move widgets into – and it’s not showing all the widgets, and they seem to be stuck. The problem keeps disappearing then coming back again.

    I think this is a WP. Ron, your Asteroid theme is great, I’m a really big fan – of all the scores of themes I’ve tested, I always return to Asteroid. Looks great, is clean, fast, responsive. Good work!

  8. Hey I’m having problems with your theme.

    Every time I try and make a new page or post, most of the visual editor is greyed out. The text area is much smaller than usual. I disabled all plugins and tried deleting the theme manually via FTP. Whenever I switch themes, it starts working again. With Asteroid, it just happens all over again once I re-install it. I am also up-to-date on all plugins, as well.

    Can you help me?


    1. Hi Matthew. Those are just custom editor styling added by the theme. You can disable that. Go to Asteroid Options -> Misc. Then check “Disable Post Editor Style”


  9. Hi, Great theme! Can you explain how to hide the page title?



    1. If you want to hide the title on every page, add this on the Custom CSS option

      .page .entry-title {
           display: none;
      1. Works like a champ! When my blog starts making $$ I’ll be more than happy to make a donation. Thank again!

        1. No Problem 🙂

  10. The widget column is on the right. How can I move it to the left?

    1. You can add this on the custom CSS option.
      #content {float: right;}

  11. Hi, Great Theme! You have an example above with Ads & Banners. Is there a short cut in Asteroid to place the adds or do I need to move the HTML?

    1. Those are widget areas. You just have to put your ad & banner codes in a text widget. Some of the widget areas have to be enabled on the Asteroid Options page.

  12. Theme and ands placements are perfect..
    Thank you for such sharing great them.. I like to use on my blog..

  13. Hello Ron.
    I just updated to the latest version.
    Very good work you have here.
    Now the responsiveness is perfect 🙂


  14. Hello Ron.
    Love the Asteriod but I have a small problem. The 1st item listed on my websites nav menu uses the hover color for its background and never changes even when I hover over other parts of the menu. Any ideas?

    1. You mean the color red? That’s probably because the menu item is the homepage & your currently browsing it? is that right?

      Click this link and check the menu colors. Is that the color you’re seeing on your site?

  15. Hi! I’m using your theme and it was great!

    Just one thing, how come the thumbnails are not showing even though “Show thumbnails on excerpts are checked” and “excerpts are displayed on blog view”. Apology. I’m new to programming. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jay,
      On the Options it says:
      Show Thumbnails on excerpts. Featured image will be used.

      This means that the “Featured Image” on each post will be used. If no thumbnails are appearing then you probably don’t have a Featured Image selected. Featured images can be set on the post editor.

      1. Omg. I didn’t know what is Featured Image is until u say so! And i overlooked it in the post editor! Issue solved! Thanks Ron!

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