Asteroid Theme

Asteroid is a simple, clean and responsive WordPress theme. It incorporates various widget areas that make management of banners and ads a lot easier, especially for ad-supported sites. The theme is ideal for use on a blog, a static website or both. It has an intuitively designed options panel to help customize your site. The theme’s development focuses on user customization and minimizing HTTP requests to help conserve server resource. Asteroid supports custom header images, backgrounds, menus, full-width page templates, RTL Language Support and more.

Download WordPress themes from trusted sources like the official Theme Repository or from the author’s site. Here is Asteroid’s WordPress Page. I may update the zip file here on my blog first, before it becomes available/live on

Asteroid Theme 1.2.3

Theme Features:

  • Simple and Clean design.
  • Two-column layout. Full Page.
  • Numerous Widgetized areas.
  • Responsive layout for mobile devices.
  • Option for analytics & custom scripts.
  • Custom CSS Option.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Validates as HTML5 compliant.
  • Minimal file size to save bandwidth.
  • RTL Language Support.
  • Translation ready.
  • bbPress forum support.




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Asteroid Theme WordPress Blog
Asteroid Theme – Blog View
This is the standard look of the theme upon installation. You can also use a static page as the homepage instead of a blog. Pages have an option to use a full-width template which you can stylize with your own HTML & CSS coding.
WordPress Theme Ads
Theme Ad & Banner Placement
Now you should never pepper your website with this much advertisement. I think 3-4 well-placed ad units would be optimal. This screenshot only shows the many placements you can use for ads and banners.
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  1. Hey ronangelo,

    I just wish to say I liked your theme “Asteroid”. Very clean and sleek.
    However, there is a slight issue that I haven’t figured out just yet. The sidebar is garbled when you view a post,

    The twitter widget ends up almost where the footer is located. The only edits I’ve made to your theme is to include some shortcodes, but this issue was prevalent even when just installing the theme all “vanilla”.
    I tried removing all widgets and disabling whatever plugins I use, but it still ends up at the bottom. It shows up correctly on all other pages though (such as the index).

    Any ideas?

    Best wishes,

  2. Hi again ronangelo,

    I ironed it out now. When you disable commentary for a particular post the sidebar/widgets show up where they should be. So now I know where to begin.
    Do know of any others who have noticed this issue?


    1. Hi K0nsl,

      First of all thanks for trying out the theme.

      That’s weird, I haven’t heard of anything similar happening. The sidebar should not behave that way even when the comments are on or off.

      But I have seen something that I have missed that may cause something similar. This is when a user adds a text widget with a long text content. I forgot to add some css properties. a max-width for the sidebar and a word-wrap for the text in sidebar widgets. I’ll fix this right away.

      I’m still not sure what might have caused it in your case.


  3. i feel this theme is great n like, foe me.. but the only problem is when using this theme on my wp, when scroll up n down ,,, very slow.. not active.. than some other wp themes.. only scroll slow problem.. like hard.. ithink that haapen, this theme using graphics n bigg css,, right?

    1. Slow? That’s probably due to your plugins. The theme is actually very minimal. It’s no bigger than 250Kb and there’s only 3 images included so there’s no reason for it to be slow.

  4. Very nice theme Ron! Pages load very fast even on unoptimized sites. Keep the good work going. Looking for your more contributions for the open source community. 🙂

    1. Thanks Prasanna. I’m glad my first try is moderately successful 🙂
      I have 2 more ideas for brand new themes but the long wait from submission to approval at is a little discouraging.

      1. That’s why I’m not hosting my themes at theme repository. Hosting plugins on wp plugin repo isn’t that discouraging. Unlike themes, they gets approved very quickly. I create themes only for my clients because it gives financial support for my other open source projects.

        Let me know if I can contribute for your themes in any way. 🙂

  5. On the previous comment, I tried to change the color via FTP.


  6. This is a great theme!!! I really like your design, and the ability to put widgets almost anywhere. Have a Great Day!!!

  7. after update a lot of things are gone..:( .. i don’t saw a change log list.. i like this theme but is not possible to hit my settings every time when i make update. anyway, my respect and good luck

    1. I’m afraid version 1.0.5 is a major update that I had to rename some html IDs & Classes. This is hopefully a one time only.

      In your case, it think what you did was edit the theme’s main style.css. You should never modify a theme’s main style.css because that file would be replaced every time you update so your modifications will be lost. There are 2 ways you can safely modify asteroid theme. A. is to create a child-theme or B. save your modifications in the theme’s Custom CSS option. This will ensure that your mods will not be lost.

      You can always post here Asteroid Theme Forum if you need any help on modifying the theme. Thanks.

  8. Ron let me thank you first for making this themes. I’ve searched for days for a good responsive themes I even bought one but in still no luck for my preferred layout again Ron thank you.

    Some suggestion I may add. No harm in trying right? You have an option in Set the width of the content/post area and sidebar but I think its not working.. or its just on my part.. one additional suggestion also is there any possibilities that there is a page layout that will have will display recent post on a static page.. the current theme is very much fine but if this can be add for your next update it will be a good features.

    Thank again and have a Good Day.

    1. Thanks Aaron. Do you mean the widths are not changing? Are your settings being saved when you check the Asteroid Options?

      As for your suggestion, do you mean a page template that will display the recent posts or just a list of links to the recent posts. Something similar to the sitemap template? Either way, I think that could be done.

      1. yes hope it have an option to show list of post in a static page or in a homepage. I dont know the terms but I saw it in some themes a “homapage pane” or something.. anyways I’m using your theme and to tell you mate.. awesome..

  9. I have been looking at themes all day and O my goodness…this is the one! Thank you so much for creating this awesome theme!

    1. Welcome 🙂 it’s a simple theme compared to what’s available out there. I’m surprised there are people who find it useful.

  10. Hello Ron, I’d like to translate your awesome theme into German using the plugin “Codestyling Localization” but unfortunately your theme doesn’t seem to support this plugin. I know there are guides around on how to modify a theme for codestyling support but since I’m not a coder and think this feature would greatly enhance your theme I would love to see it support codestyling localization by default.

    1. Hi Höhlenmensch, Thanks for taking interest in the theme. At first I never really bothered with translations mainly because I thought nobody would even use the theme 🙂 but the options page currently has a lot of strings so I agree that it would be a good idea to provide support for translations.

      This is the first time I’ve heard of the plugin. Thanks for recommending it. I got it to work on the version I’m currently working on (1.0.7). I’ll post it here once I finalize which string need translating. Ron

      1. Wow, that was fast, thank you very much. I’ll be looking forward to the new version then.

    2. Asteroid 1.0.7 is up.

  11. Hey Ron You Rock man you do great job. I have a question – You have * ronangelo © 2012 * on your site – how can we do that as well and how can I change the Yellow color on Post Comments to white ?
    Thanks again

    1. You just add any text you want on the options page and it will appear on the footer.
      Asteroid Options -> General -> Footer Links

      As for changing the comments’ bg color see this

      1. RON You Are Awesome

  12. Thanks again for adding translation support Ron but some text doesn’t localize properly, could you look into this?

    I’ve made a screenshot to show you what I mean:

    It would be nice if the date format would be based on one’s WordPress settings. Also that “Comments” string needs to be translated, it doesn’t show up using the codestyling plugin.

    1. Ok I got it changed. The Date and Time now follows the format set on General Settings. On your screenshot, the date on the comment(18. Dezember 2012) is a custom format right? Also additional text are ready for translation. Thanks.

      1. Well it’s the default date format of the German WordPress package from and I didn’t change anything. It’s the first choice in the list and not labelled as custom.

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