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Asteroid is a simple, clean and responsive WordPress theme. It incorporates various widget areas that make management of banners and ads a lot easier, especially for ad-supported sites. The theme is ideal for use on a blog, a static website or both. It has an intuitively designed options panel to help customize your site. The theme’s development focuses on user customization and minimizing HTTP requests to help conserve server resource. Asteroid supports custom header images, backgrounds, menus, full-width page templates, RTL Language Support and more.

Download WordPress themes from trusted sources like the official Theme Repository or from the author’s site. Here is Asteroid’s WordPress Page. I may update the zip file here on my blog first, before it becomes available/live on

Asteroid Theme 1.2.3

Theme Features:

  • Simple and Clean design.
  • Two-column layout. Full Page.
  • Numerous Widgetized areas.
  • Responsive layout for mobile devices.
  • Option for analytics & custom scripts.
  • Custom CSS Option.
  • Threaded comments.
  • Validates as HTML5 compliant.
  • Minimal file size to save bandwidth.
  • RTL Language Support.
  • Translation ready.
  • bbPress forum support.




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Asteroid Theme WordPress Blog
Asteroid Theme – Blog View
This is the standard look of the theme upon installation. You can also use a static page as the homepage instead of a blog. Pages have an option to use a full-width template which you can stylize with your own HTML & CSS coding.
WordPress Theme Ads
Theme Ad & Banner Placement
Now you should never pepper your website with this much advertisement. I think 3-4 well-placed ad units would be optimal. This screenshot only shows the many placements you can use for ads and banners.
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  1. Love the theme. This latest update moved the search box to the left as a menu item as mentioned in another comment. This doesn’t look right (with blank space to the right of it) and it possibly has interfered with customizations to the search functions done in child theme. The search icon is gone a little blank gray box is in it’s place. Do not want to move the search box to sidebar. Reverting to an older version seems counterproductive. Is there a piece of code (and where) I can place in the child theme to change this to function as it did in the previous version(s)? Thank you for your time, talent and patience.

  2. Thanks Ron. However, the default search box is already off in theme options for the customized search in child-theme functions.php. And you had already provided edits for my teammate to provided a fix for the problems encountered with the customized search edits and it’s use of a plugin. We will work with it on a test installation to go through the code. I think for now, we will go back to a previous version. The code you provided will help others if they would like to change. This is the best theme I have ever worked with. Thank you so much for all you do.

  3. hey ron,

    i have your theme installed on my site but it does not properly display my sidebar widgets on all of my posts. Once I am logged it and I view my site I can see all of my sidebar widgets perfectly on every page of my site but once I am logged out and I view my site and does not display my sidebar widgets.

    Please, I really need your help?

    1. I see that you’re using a caching plugin. You have to clear your page cache for changes to show.

  4. I need to modify the blog post title to another font and make it larger. This is once you click from the home page and go to the single post view. Can that be done from the customizations menu, or do I need to go into the CSS and change it there? If so, where is it? Which header is it? I’m very tired from working on this site, so please excuse me if I am slightly incoherent. lol

    1. Go on the options page then add the sample code below on the Custom CSS tab.

      .single-view .entry-title a {
         font-family: Georgia;
         font-size: 30px;
  5. Love your Asteroid theme! So easy to work with and customize. Is there a way to make the header and body area transparent? I have a dark background image and need it to show underneath these items. Thank you.

    1. #container,
      #sidebar {
         background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);

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