Who am I?

I’m ronangelo, a confused, out of place and tortured soul. I also consider myself a musician, a gardener, a freethinker and a seasonal gamer. I am of the male gender but whether to call myself a “man” or a “boy” is a matter that is subject for debate. The term “kidult” may be appropriate.

I am in my 20s, obviously a 90’s child (and proud of it). When I’m not busy dreaming or staring at clouds, I usually spend my time doing a little writing, a little web designing, a little gaming, a lot of breathing 😆 (oxygen’s free anyway. but not the bottled ones!) and some simple app programming. My greatest interests are playing the guitar, listening to music, watching anime and pursuing knowledge (sometimes money :mrgreen: ), which is why I now live my days in front of a computer, absorbing both useful and useless info that I can get from the net.

To whoever is reading this, thanks for visiting my site. I’ll try to update this blog with free templates and graphics for free.