A Self-Portrait using Pointillism

This image was done when I was in 4th year high school. The task was to create a self-portrait using pointillism technique. Pointillism is a technique where dots are used to create the image. I’m not sure whether it should be strictly composed of dots or maybe it’s just meant to be the prevalent technique used. Anyways, art is not about strictly following rigid rules, right? – or is it?

I can’t say I look exactly like this but I think there’s at least a bit of resemblance. I guess I’m one of those who create self-portraits that are made more pleasing than the original subject. Although in this case it ended up looking like a cartographic sketch. You know, the ones used by law enforcement.

Click the image to expand.

Self-Portrait using Pointillism

Creepy? It’s just me, Ron.

Note: No reward for the capture of this man. :mrgreen:

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