New Plants and Grafted Fruit Trees

So I bought some plants and grafted fruit trees. Avocado, Blueberry (Not really), Cocoa, Wax Jambu, Mangosteen, Coffee, Pomegranate. Why? Well it’s because I really enjoy gardening and the possibility of harvesting various fruit in the future is a big plus. I bought these from a seller on Facebook. It was quite a convenient and […]

Review: Phoebus Acoustic Guitar

My last guitar was a laminated Yamaha Folk Guitar. I’ve always wanted to own a solid top guitar but most of those are really out of my budget. I finally found an affordable one that can hold its own against more expensive brands. The Phoebus PG-60m won’t break the bank like a Martin, Taylor or […]

Picture – Big Atlas Moth

This is an Atlas Moth. This big insect is considered to be the largest moth in the world. This type of moth is not as common as it used to be here in my neighborhood. There used to be a bunch of them on a “Santol” tree near the house. It’s locally known as “Mariposa” […]

CloudFlare Down but still Up!

What is this anomaly? CloudFlare is currently offline but then CloudFlare’s Always Online feature is keeping CloudFlare up. CloudFlare on CloudFlare? Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. Kabooom! For some reason this reminds me of the X-Files episode “Ghost in the Machine”. Ghosts? Someone, hold me!

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